A new project has launched exploring a possible pathway for accreditation of spiritual directors in England, Scotland and Wales.

The project welcomes views, comments and suggestions in the coming months from both directors and directees. Bringing together Elizabeth White’s interest in accountability, how practice develops following training, stewarding the gifts of the Spirit, and the ways people find a suitable spiritual director with Lynette Harborne’s doctoral research into spiritual direction, supervision and best practice, we are inviting you to explore accreditation by coming to a consultation meeting. A national accreditation pathway may be a development alongside existing regional codes of conduct and could include a move towards a new organisation to support best practice. Whatever your viewpoint, be part of the discussion!
Consultation meetings are being held in 2018:

  • York on 3 February
  • Edinburgh on 3 March
  • London on 28 April.

Events are free but please book early to secure a seat! An Online Survey is also available for those giving or receiving spiritual direction. Information about the project, survey and bookings via www.reflectivespaces.org.uk/consultation where you can also sign up for ongoing news. 

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