The Ministries Council has launched Ascend, its new support and development service for everyone involved in ministry through the Church of Scotland.

Ascend offers an online portal through the Church website for church members involved in ministry to find 1 to 1 support, pastoral assistance, mediation and conflict resolution services along with training opportunities and videos aimed at supporting each person’s development in ministry.

You can sign up for pastoral services, watch an educational video or arrange for a 1-1 Ministerial Development Conversation round the clock through the online portal.

Rev Neil Glover, convener of the Ministries Council, introduced the service to Commissioners during his Ministries Council report. He said:

Ascend is a central location to find the core services provided by the Ministries Council for support and development for those in ministry.
The start point is the Ministries Development Conversation which has just finished a very successful pilot.

This leads to a range of other services each with a proven record in supporting the wellbeing of ministers, which absolutely essential to the overall Ministry of the Church.

Rev Neil Glover

Taking its name from Psalm 24, Ascend was created by the General Assembly in 2015 to streamline and expand services for everyone working in ministry.

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