Whether you’re just starting to think about possible community or church projects or are a budding social entrepreneur, Go For It has something for you!

Go For It is a fund in the Church of Scotland supporting projects which aim to transform church and community. We have over £500,000 to distribute over the next 6 months to projects which are either run or supported by Church of Scotland Churches.

Whether you’re just starting to think about what you might do in your area and are looking for inspiration (see list of currently funded projects here) or have quite advanced plans which just need to find a funding source – it’s worth looking at our Learning and Training programme to see what’s coming up.

Over the next few months Go For It will be hosting training from ‘Applying to Go For It’,Fit for Funding’, to ‘Leadership Development’ and more.  Keep an eye out from mid-July here or on our What’s New section where these workshops will be open for registration about 6 weeks in advance.

For more information contact, click here to contact the Go For It team.


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